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Celebrating Mom All Year Round - by your local Big Rapids MI florist


Mother's Day is coming up soon in Big Rapids, MI. It's the day we all get to tell our mothers we love and care for them, but is it enough? They took care of us for years and still will do our laundry when our lives get too busy. This year Patterson's Flowers your local florist wants to celebrate them a bit more. Before you say, "How would I ever do that," here are a few ways to show your mom a little extra love.

Everyone loves to feel like they have a special part in your life. This Mother's Day surprise your mom with monthly brunch plans. Grab a beautiful Color Your Day Flower Bouquet and on the card write, " I'll see you every first Saturday." Every first Saturday of the month take your mom to a beautiful brunch around town. It will be a great time to reconnect with your mom and she will love spending the time with you.

Every mom loves to know that you are thinking about her throughout the year, but we know you may not have time to always call or text her. Why not schedule flower deliveries for the year? Put them on random days every few months to give your mom a little surprise. Try a Bright and Beautiful Flower Bouquet. It’s a beautiful gift for your mom and a great way to say I love you.

Your mom has been with you from the very start so don't let this Mother's Day be the only time your mom is celebrated this year. Make a little time in your busy schedule and let Patterson's Flowers your local Big Rapids, MI florist help show your mom just how important she is to you. To all the mothers out there, we would like to wish you a very happy Mother's Day!